What happens when we take the AEI graphic of items that have had high and low inflation, but extend it to all categories?
Tracing some of the consequences of one of my favorite graphics that I've been following, including for all things labor market dynamism related.
A survey of the universe of responses pushing back on the idea that wages are so high we need a recession to bring them down in order to tackle…
A reply to Jason Furman and Wilson Powell III on their recent look at job openings and employment flows data.
A reply to Anna Stansbury and Larry Summers on their concentration and investment paper from last year.
No horseshoe theory is going to form, even as the populist right attacks neoliberalism, because of these five assumptions and arguments they make.
I’m trying this out as a blogging platform. I don’t plan on turning this into a regular newsletter, but I’ll email out the posts to you if you want to…